Dr. Robert A. Hull Leadership Award

This award recognizes leadership within the field of speech, language and hearing.


A nominee must have been an active participant in the profession and GSHA no less than five years. The nominee must show outstanding contribution to the profession in the following areas: Service to GSHA including service to Executive Council, or in other significant capacities; and Services for related speech, language, hearing associations, or local, regional, or national professional organizations.

Jack Bess Memorial Award

This award is established in memory of Jack Bess for his many years of support of and contributions to the speech-language pathology and audiology professions. Nominations are requested from members of the Executive Council. The Award may be presented to an individual upon recommendation by the Committee and approval of the GSHA Executive Council. This award recognizes outstanding contribution to the Georgia Speech-Language-Hearing Association.


A nominee must have been a member of GSHA for five (5) years or less. A nominee must have made a significant contribution to GSHA by demonstrating enthusiasm for the organization and a willingness to accept responsibility and serve the organization in an effective manner. The recipient will be selected annually by the Executive Council from recommendations from the Committees of Honors at the last meeting of the GSHA year.  The award will be presented at the full membership annual meeting (convention) following the designated board meeting. The award will be a plaque, certificate or other award as deemed appropriate by the Honors and Awards Committee. Procedures for Nomination Sponsor: Nomination of a member for the Jack Bess Award shall be initiated by any standing committee member of the Executive Council. Appropriate forms will be completed and submitted to the Chair of the Committee three (3) months prior to the last Executive Council meeting of the GSHA year, to be presented at the next Executive Council meeting. A nominee may be made aware of the nomination before it is submitted, and may be asked to supply background information needed for the nomination. All information shall remain confidential between the sponsor, the Committee, and the Executive Council. Click Here to Download the Jack Bess Memorial Award Nomination Form