Georgia Speech-Language-Hearing Political Action Committee

What is the the GSH-PAC?

The GSH-PAC can be considered the "political arm" of GSHA but it is not a committee of GSHA. It is defined as a voluntary, not-for-profit, unincorporated committee that reports and is accountable to the Officer's Committee of GSHA.  The purpose of the GSH-PAC is to promote the improvement of the healthcare and education of citizens of the State of Georgia by raising funds from GSHA members and others, and by contributing those funds to support candidates for state office who believe in and have demonstrated belief in the legislative objectives of the GSHA.  Its mission is to increase the visibility of the needs of individuals with communicative disorders at the legislative, decision-making level by making campaign contributions, supporting letter-writing campaigns, hosting or attending receptions for candidates, or participating in other activities that promote the election of candidates who support  GSHA’s missions.

Who is on the GSH-PAC?

The governing body of the PAC is a six-member Board of Trustees. GSHA Executive Council positions that always serve as Board members are President, Vice President of Professional Practice, and the Chairs of the Healthcare/Private Practice and Schools Committees. Two members-at-large are appointed by the Officer's Committee in staggered years.

What are the GSH-PAC responsibilities?

The Board of Trustees determines procedures for the collection and distribution of funds to candidates in state office and political committees that demonstrate a belief in the legislative objectives of GSHA. Meetings of the Board are held regularly, often in conjunction with the dates of GSHA Executive Council meetings, but held separately. GSH-PAC works closely with the GSHA Lobbyists.

How are PAC funds generated?

Anyone who wishes may make contributions to the GSH-PAC. If you want to support your profession by investing in our professional future and the ongoing needs of the populations we serve, you may do so by sending a check to: GSH-PAC, 222 S. Westmonte Drive, Suite 101, Altamonte Springs, FL, 32714.

2016- 2017 GSH-PAC Board of Trustees:

Sucheta Kamath
Jodie Victor - Chair
Jane Frobose - Secretary/Treasurer
Mavis Ivy
Kara Ann Jones


GSH-PAC Highlights are available on the member's page.